A Poem

Yeah I tried to write one myself, right, a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t really do it because, I don’t know, you have to be in some kind of mood, at least I have to. Otherwise it becomes just very mechanical and it just doesn’t do it you know.

The poem below popped up on my Facebook and describes fairly accurately what I’ve been thinking and/or feeling lately. Some will say it’s ‘wishful thinking’, and surely it partially is; but the point is not whether or not something really will happen or not.

The point is that this is a blog that partially is designed to write my sorrows away. I was hoping to completely do without that this time and occasionally type a bit about chess, gaming and the likes. More relaxed stuff.

But I’m surely not there yet. So, well, let’s write my sorrows away then. It’s a very nice poem. I like it a lot. I think there are many of us who feel like this at some point in their lives.

And hey, sure, I’m a guy. But I’m no machine. I do feel miserable sometimes because of silly girl reasons as well, although I might not show it anymore.

A deep sigh and looking down or staring into some point far, far away will do for me.

And I will stay silent.

One day we will meet again,

face to face and heart to heart.

We will wonder if it’s ok to hug,

grieving for how time and space pulled us apart.

We will be reminded how in just one moment,

everything can change.

We will weep in waves for all we’ve lost,

we will search longingly for what remains.

And then joy and light will break through the clouds

when we look into each other’s eyes.

We will see the truth of who we are

when we remember what gives meaning to our lives.

Love endures past breath and blood —

the love between us never dies.

Even when life does not unfold according to our plans,

we will smile with hope and gratitude when

one day we meet again.

Kirsten Robinson (Naked Writing on Facebook)

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